The TMA Mission

cropped-tma_header_logo.jpgThe Mission:

This site is intended to be a simple site catering for a simple need; a space to cater for the requirements of a small group of like-minded music addicts.

It contains information and content about music releases and events that are of interest to people like us, but not ones that we don’t particularly want to know about.

It is no exhaustive collection of releases, there are no rules about the style of writing, content or opinion, other than we are not going to discuss things we don’t want to. There is no point us adding to the cyber-junk piles of unpleasantness about the latest hot topic, we would rather just discuss the releases that make us want to tell each other (and possibly you, if you are interested). Scores may appear, or they may not. If the reviewer wants to add that then that is fine by us.

Most importantly with all releases, you should be able to locate additional reading, listening, viewing, some downloads, etc. These bits will always be easy to find through the hyperlinked Band names, so will allow you to locate and purchase the music, liaise with the artist or label, social media, etc.

Whilst this is to cater for our specific needs, it is available in a public medium and if you have followed a link here, you may well be interested in some of the content. If you have randomly stumbled across us, then you are probably just looking for something else.

Content for the site will be provided by a closed panel of hand-picked reviewers, to compliment the styles that interest us. Each reviewer will be contactable through the site. You are not obliged to write to any of us, nor are we obliged to reply. That is not to say that we will not reply, but this is something for us in the first instance. We will welcome your constructive comments.

Labels, Bands and Festivals:

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to submit something for consideration, but please be aware that only select things will be covered.

An affiliated Facebook page has also been created at this location.