TMA: Albums Of The Year – 2019

2019 has been an absolutely hectic year for the TMA crew due to the challenges of adult life, so the site has been predominantly inactive, but there have been many significant releases that must be acknowledged.

So here, we present The Modern Alternative‘s Albums Of The Year for 2019:

01 – SULDUSK: “Lunar Falls” (Northern Silence Productions),

02 – WOLCENSMEN: “Fire In The White Stone” (Indie Recordings),

03 – NEW MODEL ARMY: “From Here” (Attack Attack / Ear Music),

04 – SAOR: “Forgotten Paths” (Avantgarde Music),

05 – THE EMBER, THE ASH: “Consciousness Torn From The Void” (Avantgarde Music),

06 – STRIGOI: “Abandon All Faith” (Nuclear Blast),

07 – CÂN BARDD: “The Last Rain” (Northern Silence Productions),

08 – NÒTT: “The Great Furnace” (Self-Released),

09 – HEILUNG: “Futha” (Season Of Mist),

10 – ARX ATRATA: “The Path Untravelled” (Self-Released),

11 – RUADH: “Sovereign” (Northern Silence Productions),

12 – VALARAUKAR: “Demonian Abyssal Visions” (Iron Bonehead Productions),

13 – FEN: “The Dead Light” (Prophecy Productions),

14 – MGLA: “Age Of Excuse” (Northern Heritage / No Solace),

15 – WOLVENCROWN: “Of Bark And Ash” (Avantgarde Music),

16 – ENCIRCLING WOLVES: “Anti-Social Experimentation” (Self-Released),

17 – NOVEMBERS DOOM: “Nephilim Grove” (Prophecy Productions),

18 – WINDSWEPT:  “The Onlooker” (Season Of Mist),

19 – CHROME WAVES: “A Grief Observed” (Avantgarde Music / Disorder Recordings),

20 – OFFICIUM TRISTE: “The Death Of Gaia” (Transcending Obscurity Records).