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WOLCENSMEN - "Songs From The Fyrgen"

2017-09-03 23:00:56 mike

WolcCDEvocative, emotional, atmospheric... beautiful. I have run out of adjectives to try and describe the feelings I have when I listen to this recording.  Written over a 5 year period, Dan Capp, the artist behind Wolcensmen, and guitarist in Winterfylleth, has poured his heart and soul into each and every track.

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LUNATIC HOOKER - "Embracing The Filth"

2017-08-18 23:42:23 paul
Lunatic Hooker

Hopefully this won’t cause any misunderstood nomenclature-based relationship woes, but I love Lunatic Hooker. It’s almost impossible to believe that such panache and grime can walk hand-in-hand, but in the aptly titled Embrace The Filth they do precisely that. Grandiose metal class. Complete and utter dirt.

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DE PROFUNDIS (UK) - "Decayed, 2007-2017"

2017-07-13 23:18:29 alex

Decayed 2007-2017De Profundis are one of those rare metal bands that, when you first discover them, you realise your folly of not hunting them out sooner and instantly curse those friends of yours that knew about the band already (including having played gigs with them), but had not forced you to listen to them.  They are that good…

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WINTERFYLLETH - "The Dark Hereafter"

2016-10-11 22:30:59 mike

CoverFollowing on from 2104’s excellent and career defining release, “The Divination Of Antiquity”, England’s heritage black metal heroes Winterfylleth are back.  With their label sold and becoming part of the Spinefarm family these songs have been in the can for a while, so its good to see them finally see the light of day.

The title track kicks things off with familiar blast beats and whirling guitars and those who bathed in TDOA will know the track “Pariahs Path”. “Ensigns Of Victory” is my favourite track from the opening three, which have a different feel to the last two tracks with the familiar folk tinged black metal assault. 

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THE KING IS BLIND - "Our Father"

2016-09-21 21:30:58 paul

Kicking off with the true essence of Napalm Death, you know from first contact that Our Father is going to heavily present one thing; classic, European leaning death metal. The aesthetic Verdigris of international anarcho-punk smears the surface of every track, and some supreme tangents of doom break for air, but still, it is a sound which is death to (or perhaps from) its core.

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