TMA: Albums Of The Year – 2019

2019 has been an absolutely hectic year for the TMA crew due to the challenges of adult life, so the site has been predominantly inactive, but there have been many significant releases that must be acknowledged.

So here, we present The Modern Alternative‘s Albums Of The Year for 2019: Continue reading

ALCEST – “Shelter”

AlcestShelterThe much anticipated new Alcest release nestled in my post box and I knew immediately that the day was indeed a good day. Neige and Winterhalter have returned with another beautifully written album with a slight move back to the feel and sounds of the wonderful debut full length ‘Souvenirs d’Un Autre Monde’.  The few harsh vocals evident on the previous release ‘Les Voyages De L’Ame’ have given way to a completely clean delivery and with a voice like Neige’s, why on earth not? Continue reading

ALCEST – “Les Voyages De L’Âme”

AlestLesAlcest are a band whose output improves with each release, Alcest make beautiful rock music. If you like large soundscapes, melody, a black metal ‘influence’ but also some ‘shoegaze’ thrown in then you might be somewhere explaining what Alcest are all about! Continue reading