TMA: Albums Of The Year – 2019

2019 has been an absolutely hectic year for the TMA crew due to the challenges of adult life, so the site has been predominantly inactive, but there have been many significant releases that must be acknowledged.

So here, we present The Modern Alternative‘s Albums Of The Year for 2019: Continue reading

VARIOUS ARTISTS – “One And All, Together, For Home”

Various Artists - "One And All, Together, For Home"

Various Artists – “One And All, Together, For Home”

Beautifully packaged on both CD and Vinyl versions, a collection of bands delve into their nation’s musical cultural heritage and produce music generally not associated with their ‘regular’ output.  The idea was born from Roman Saenko (Hate Forest, Drudkh, Old Silver Key, Rattenfanger and others!) and Drudkh feature with 2 tracks based on Ukrainian folk songs. Continue reading

TWILIGHT OF THE GODS – “Fire On The Mountain”

TotG“This is our heathen metal call to arms, raise your voices and write your destiny in blood!” – If that line from the first track on Twilight Of The Gods‘ album ‘Destiny Forged in Blood’ doesn’t make you want to buy or pay for a download of this album then I give up! Continue reading


RCSo after 26 years as a band, 11 albums and counting, Rotting Christ have just written and recorded a masterpiece. Not many bands of this maturity will always pull this off, so I have so much respect for the Tolis brothers Sakis and Themis, the men whom are now solely behind the recording of the band’s music.   Continue reading