ZLANG ZLUT – “Zlang Zlut”

Zlang Zlut - "Zlang Zlut"

If say to you ‘rock with orchestral instrumentation’, you’re going to get the completely wrong idea about Zlang Zlut. Yes, they make heavy use of violins and cellos, but they really make use of them, and the result is pretty heavy.  Maybe more for the open-minded connoisseur of old school, progressive rock, this is a finely crafted release which displays both an intelligent understanding of riff-worship and an enthusiasm and vibrancy in the classical music realm. Continue reading

SHADOWLIGHT – “The Twilight Canvas”

Shadowlight came to my attention in 2010, upon their debut release of the Winter EP.

ShadowlightThe band are Prog in the Rock context, only dabbling lightly in the Metal territory, making them a great relaxing listen and calling to mind another of England’s Finest and their trailblazing Prog Rock work.   Continue reading