EXUMER – “Fire And Damnation”

exuIn the mid 80’s, thrash metal was the be all & end all for me. If you were a German thrash band, even better. The Teutonic “thresh meddle” bands were the business, Noise Records had most of the acts signed up and there was a constant output of quality vinyl. You had the “Big 3” of German thrash, Kreator, Sodom (my personal faves) & Destruction plus numerous other bands snapping at their heels, such acts as Tankard, Assassin & Exumer! Continue reading

KREATOR – “Phantom Antichrist”

KreatorIf you read my Exumer review then you’d know that I have an enormous soft spot for German thrash.

Sodom will always be closest to my heart, (mainly due to happy memories of reading the lyrics to songs like “Burst Command Till War” & giggling my tits off as a kid), but few can deny that the most technically proficient and, dare I use the word, ‘progressive’ Teuto-thrash band were the mighty Kreator. Continue reading