sleepmakeswaves – “Love Of Cartography”

smw14sleepmakeswaves are a post-rock band from the land down under who ‘write love songs about delay pedals’ and have been doing the rounds since 2006 but it was debut album “…And So We Destroyed Everything” in 2011 that gained them attention and quite rightly too with a gorgeous and atmospheric take on the instrumental post-rock genre.

Second album ‘Love Of Cartography’ expands and builds on this platform and then some to stunning affect by going for an impressively BIGGER sound with a bucket full of subtle additional influences the stand them out form the burgeoning crowd.
Fans of God Is An Astronaut and Axes should definitely take note Continue reading


AdmiralFun Fact 1: even though the band name is horrible tongue twister it is actually the legitimate name of a celebrated 17th century English naval officer.

Fun Fact 2: They are a band being horribly miss-sold.

As darlings of the cooler than though Rise Above records  and with a press release screaming that they reference  “the golden age of British heavy rock whose dog shit stained road was paved by the likes of Budgie, Sabbath, early Motorhead, Quo, Lizzy,” to provide “another slice of no-nonsense re-gressive proto-rock ‘n’metal” Continue reading

DESERT STORM – “Horizontal Life”


Oxford Rockers Desert Storm are a band that should have already been in my life WAY before I finally picked up on them, but after a experiencing a stunning live performance recently when in tow with Leeds finest Bongcauldron it’s about time to get properly acquainted.

So they have two releases proper, the most recent being 2013’s “Horizontal Life” Delving back further in 2010 they released “Forked Tongues”. Continue reading

OATHBREAKER – “Eros​|​Anteros”


Hailing from Belgium, Oathbreaker are much like Deathwish label mates Deafheavan in that they take black metals signature elements and infuse it with another style of music to create something extraordinary.

In this case Hardcore (not the happy kind) adding weight and intensity to the black metal riffage drawing very minor parallels with Kvelertak. Continue reading

BYKER GRAVE FESTIVAL – The Globe, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (08/12/2013)

BykerGrave13A true DIY event born out the ashes of Northern Darkness Festival by local promoters ‘Kin Hell Fest, Bro(UK) Promotions and Omega Warfare Records.  Essentially completely “Crowd Sourced” via Facebook, with even the name of the Festival itself being decided on from a whole manner of ridiculous suggestions referencing / taking the mick out of Newcastle, however eventual moniker Byker Grave was always a clear winner as soon as it was suggested.

Being a Northern Darkness refugee with Hotel & transport booked, fellow TMA scribe Alex and I decided to make the trek as neither of us have been to the Land Of Geordies and safe to say probably ended up having more fun than we would have had at the original event! Continue reading

WAR WOLF – “Crushing The Ways Of The Old”

WarWolfAs you may have gathered I love going to gigs, one of those many reasons is the ability to discover new and exciting bands I normally wouldn’t give the time of day to.  In this instance an Iron Witch show switched me on the aggressive Crust Punk of Brighton’s War Wolf.

Despite only forming in September 2012, they have been busy bees having already released a Split EP with Sob Story and their own “Riding With Demons EP”, and now in our hands we have début album “Crushing The Ways Of The Old”. Continue reading

WET NUNS – “Wet Nuns”

WetNunsSometimes it’s all luck in the timing, initially dismissing the band due to the attention seeking name however a video for Heavens Below appeared during a YouTube surf session, pleasantly surprised by the Stoner Rock Riffage I booked a ticket to see Wet Nuns‘ debut album release show after which they promptly disbanded! Continue reading

BEAST – “Dead Or Alive”

Beast DOAFrom the same Youtube Surfing session that led me to Wet Nuns also led me to these Swedes, although in a roundabout way, the song is question was “Needle Fever” by The Horsehead Union, a great retro rock anthem to tattooing that was greatly enhanced by the guest female vocalist.

Suitably impressed by her my research led me to discover her day job band: Beast. Continue reading

NORDIC GIANTS – Live @ The Lexington, London (01/10/2013)

NordicAnd now for something completely different.

“Cinematic Ambient Soundscape” is not a style I would normally follow but when the live performance is this good…

A discovery made when they initially supported God Is An Astronaut a few years back and then intrigued sufficiently to watch Nordic Giants at ArcTanGent Festival were they blew me (and everyone else) away with an amazing performance, so here I was again in London for the EP release show “Build Seas, Dismantle Suns”. Continue reading