THE MORE I SEE – “The Disappearing Humans”

The More I See - "The Disappearing Humans"

I’m not really sure how it’s happened, but despite the fact that this is the fourth album from The More I See (featuring the guitar stylings of Gizz Butt – The Prodigy, Janus Stark, English Dogs, Sabbat!), it’s the first one I’ve heard. There are only four tracks from the full-length provided here, but the Earache label have uploaded the whole thing as a series of individual videos.   Continue reading

ZLANG ZLUT – “Zlang Zlut”

Zlang Zlut - "Zlang Zlut"

If say to you ‘rock with orchestral instrumentation’, you’re going to get the completely wrong idea about Zlang Zlut. Yes, they make heavy use of violins and cellos, but they really make use of them, and the result is pretty heavy.  Maybe more for the open-minded connoisseur of old school, progressive rock, this is a finely crafted release which displays both an intelligent understanding of riff-worship and an enthusiasm and vibrancy in the classical music realm. Continue reading

DESERT STORM – “Horizontal Life”


Oxford Rockers Desert Storm are a band that should have already been in my life WAY before I finally picked up on them, but after a experiencing a stunning live performance recently when in tow with Leeds finest Bongcauldron it’s about time to get properly acquainted.

So they have two releases proper, the most recent being 2013’s “Horizontal Life” Delving back further in 2010 they released “Forked Tongues”. Continue reading

OATHBREAKER – “Eros​|​Anteros”


Hailing from Belgium, Oathbreaker are much like Deathwish label mates Deafheavan in that they take black metals signature elements and infuse it with another style of music to create something extraordinary.

In this case Hardcore (not the happy kind) adding weight and intensity to the black metal riffage drawing very minor parallels with Kvelertak. Continue reading

BEAST – “Dead Or Alive”

Beast DOAFrom the same Youtube Surfing session that led me to Wet Nuns also led me to these Swedes, although in a roundabout way, the song is question was “Needle Fever” by The Horsehead Union, a great retro rock anthem to tattooing that was greatly enhanced by the guest female vocalist.

Suitably impressed by her my research led me to discover her day job band: Beast. Continue reading

PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING – “The War Room EP” & “Inform Educate Entertain”

“Inform – Educate – Entertain”.  Not many bands lay claim to such a mission statement but PSBWarthen not many bands are Public Service Broadcasting.

A two piece band who weld live instrumentation and Electronica around Public Information Films, archive footage and propaganda material to bring stories and events of the past to life. Continue reading