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WINTERFYLLETH - "The Dark Hereafter"

2016-10-11 22:30:59 mike

CoverFollowing on from 2104’s excellent and career defining release, “The Divination Of Antiquity”, England’s heritage black metal heroes Winterfylleth are back.  With their label sold and becoming part of the Spinefarm family these songs have been in the can for a while, so its good to see them finally see the light of day.

The title track kicks things off with familiar blast beats and whirling guitars and those who bathed in TDOA will know the track “Pariahs Path”. “Ensigns Of Victory” is my favourite track from the opening three, which have a different feel to the last two tracks with the familiar folk tinged black metal assault. 

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THE KING IS BLIND - "Our Father"

2016-09-21 21:30:58 paul

Kicking off with the true essence of Napalm Death, you know from first contact that Our Father is going to heavily present one thing; classic, European leaning death metal. The aesthetic Verdigris of international anarcho-punk smears the surface of every track, and some supreme tangents of doom break for air, but still, it is a sound which is death to (or perhaps from) its core.

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2016-04-08 23:00:36 hannah


It seems like a lifetime ago since the last Novembre album, The Blue, was released.  It’s been a long 9 years without Novembre releasing any new material.  At the time I had only just become a fan of their music and snapped up much of their back catalogue very quickly.  So when I heard that there was a new album on its way on Peaceville Records, I was very excited to hear what we’d all been missing for since 2007... and I was not disappointed!
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ESCHATON - "Sentinel Apocalypse"

2015-08-01 23:54:51 paul

Sentinel Apocalypse from Eschaton is just one of those releases that seems utterly perfect at executing the first blow in bare-knuckle, technical death metal. Everything that happens after opener, Obligatory Conviction, is undeniably fantastic, but it is in the first few moments that followers of bands such as Man Must Die, Agonyst, and Meshuggah are likely to be hooked.

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ANGMAER - "Towards Darkness' Paradise"

2015-05-25 23:12:25 paul
Angmaer - Towards Darkness' Paradise_Cover

One-man, black metal band: a phrase that can strike pre-emptive disappointment into the heart of even the most stalwart extreme music aficionado. It can frequently be the case that these projects lack any kind of individuality or panache, aspects which are thankfully becoming more mandatory in the genre. UKEM’s recent signing, Angmaer, is luckily not guilty of this particular sin.

As the bio states, this is very true to the 1990s’ golden age of BM. The character must be incredibly hard for one person to capture this successfully on their own, and in that Towards Darkness’ Paradise is most assuredly a great success. Although it embraces a touch of the clarity brought to later BM releases, it retains an undeniably classic quality.

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