Incineration Fest 2019 Just Announced First Three Bands

Incineration Festival has just announced three massive names for their 2019 incarnation.

Incineration Fest 2019 will feature UK exclusive performances from Mayhem, Carpathian Forest and Asphyx! Continue reading

ESCHATON – “Sentinel Apocalypse”


Sentinel Apocalypse from Eschaton is just one of those releases that seems utterly perfect at executing the first blow in bare-knuckle, technical death metal. Everything that happens after opener, Obligatory Conviction, is undeniably fantastic, but it is in the first few moments that followers of bands such as Man Must Die, Agonyst, and Meshuggah are likely to be hooked. Continue reading

AT THE GATES – “At War With Reality”

At War With Reality

There are probably quite high expectations for At The Gates to live up to with this, their first album since 1995’s landmark melodic death metal opus, Slaughter Of The Soul. I’m certainly feeling a certain sense of trepidation hitting the play button, but my hopes are high after hearing the preview title track. Continue reading

BENEATH – “The Barren Throne”

Beneath - ""The Barren ThroneThose that know me are well aware of my distaste…. even open hostility for music that I can only describe as ‘wafty’.  Doesn’t matter who it is (even Enslaved sail a bit close sometimes), if you’re showing off and widdling so wildly, progging so madly that you forget about the SONGS, you can fuck right off.  That’s not too say I don’t like ‘technical’ music but songs come first.  Plus I like my death metal to be bludgeoning.  I wanna feel beaten up & concussed at the end of the record, not stroke my beard (that I haven’t got) and nod sagely.  I wanna be in a pool of sweat having been sonically violated… which brings me to the new album by Iceland’s Beneath. Continue reading

MONUMENTOMB – “Ritual Exhumation EP”


Another UK death metal release… on top of some absolutely blinding albums from Desecration, Amputated, Basement Torture Killings, Cancerous Womb, Ancient Ascendant and Dripback, Monumentomb have dropped their 1st release, the 6 track ‘Ritual Exhumation’ EP and fuck me is it good! Continue reading

CANCEROUS WOMB – “Born Of A Cancerous Womb”

CW14Edinburgh’s Cancerous Womb have created a bit of a buzz on the underground UK death metal scene over the last few years. They’ve gigged extensively across the UK and Europe and some of my buddies in other death metal bands have raved about them to me but up ‘till now I’ve yet to have the pleasure of hearing them.

When I got the album through I have to admit that due to the band’s name I was expecting some pig squealing bullshit ‘brootal tech death’ bollocks to come blasting out of my speakers… Fuck me, was I in for a surprise! Continue reading

RANNOCH – “Between Two Worlds”

Rannoch13It was clear from the outset that Rannoch were worthy of our collective attention in 2008 when they released their début EP, “Talamh Màthair”.  The release displayed ability, confidence and promise in abundance, shining their light forwards and hinting at what may come from putting their own stamp of Extreme Progressive Metal.

Some time passed with little heard from the band, save for electric and acoustic appearances at Bloodstock Open Air in 2011 which tempted more people in to their charms.  Now some five years after the début EP, courtesy of London’s Eulogy Media, we finally have the release of the first full length album and it they build on the solid foundations of the earlier work to achieve a powerful and diverse release. Continue reading

AMIENSUS & OAK PANTHEON – “Gathering” (Split)

AmiOakIf I could have picked two US Metal bands to collaborate for a limited split EP, then Tridroid Records had been reading my mind and have released my dream EP this year, giving the label a further tentative step into the world of CDs.  In keeping with their model, this EP is available for free download to anyone that wants it, but I think it is safe to say that the CD will sell out rapidly. Continue reading

HUMILIATION – “Turbulence From The Deep”

MutilDescribing themselves as Malaysian Military Death Metal, Humiliation have made a decent name for themselves in the Malaysian scene, resulting in a number of higher profile shows in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, as well as multiple trips to Europe. I was lucky enough to discover them through a friend who had seen them perform at Metal Camp Kuala Lumpur, a higher profile show, which led me to see them at a show supporting Sadistic Intent (who never showed, leaving Humiliation as the headliners). Continue reading

EVOCATION – “Excised And Anatomized”

EvocKnown for their relatively unique sound Evocation utilised both aspects of Sweden’s famous death metal scene, that of the traditional crunchy Stockholm and then the later emerging Gothenburg scene with its stronger focus on melody.  Perhaps fittingly, then, they have decided to cover 5 tracks from legendary bands which incorporates a variety of sounds from two distinct death metal country power houses. Continue reading