ESCHATON – “Sentinel Apocalypse”


Sentinel Apocalypse from Eschaton is just one of those releases that seems utterly perfect at executing the first blow in bare-knuckle, technical death metal. Everything that happens after opener, Obligatory Conviction, is undeniably fantastic, but it is in the first few moments that followers of bands such as Man Must Die, Agonyst, and Meshuggah are likely to be hooked. Continue reading

AMIENSUS & OAK PANTHEON – “Gathering” (Split)

AmiOakIf I could have picked two US Metal bands to collaborate for a limited split EP, then Tridroid Records had been reading my mind and have released my dream EP this year, giving the label a further tentative step into the world of CDs.  In keeping with their model, this EP is available for free download to anyone that wants it, but I think it is safe to say that the CD will sell out rapidly. Continue reading

ZATOKREV – “The Bat, The Wheel, And A Long Road To Nowhere”

ZatAs Roo would attest, I’ve always avoided anything ‘doom’; I fear, however, Zatokrev will become a bridge into the doomy mire, dragging me into his world of Hawaiian shirts, whereby words like stoner will become a common term in my lexicon. Zatokrev’s self termed sludge-apocalypse is ideal for this bridge to that psychedelic realm due to the wide variety of sounds it incorporates; with elements of Sludge, Stoner, Black Metal, Prog-Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Post-Hardcore. Continue reading


6FUI’ve been a big fan of SFU’s output since 95’s “The Haunting” (with the exception of the incredibly naff “Graveyard Classics Vol 2”, I mean, covering the whole of AC/DC’s “Back In Black” album….. what were you thinking Barnes??”) No one does good, basic, no frills, groovy death metal quite like Barnes & the boys. Continue reading