METAL CULTURE – THE BLACK METAL BREWERY (Edinburgh, Scotland) – All Five Ales

BMB Group“Hi Mark, do you mind if I drop some beer round for you to drink and write about?” said Alex.  “Seriously? Are you winding me up? Of course bud’  I replied…. And soon enough the boss was at my door with a selection of fine ales from the Loanhead based… It’s in Scotland, look it up… Black Metal Brewery, which was spooky as we’d both been to see northern monkey black metallers, Winterfylleth, the night before.

Now Alex has asked me to write about these lovely bottles of brown wonderment because he knows I’m a member of CAMRA and suspects I might know a thing or two about beer.  I’m not a total beer scoring uber nerd but I do drink a lot of real ale. It’s nice. It’s proper. Making it is an art form. Now my wife – Brutal Ruth – says I’m what’s known as a ‘functioning alcoholic’ (she can talk, flat out on the sofa watching ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ with an empty bottle of rose next to her..) but I prefer the term ‘drinking enthusiast’. Continue reading

BENEATH – “The Barren Throne”

Beneath - ""The Barren ThroneThose that know me are well aware of my distaste…. even open hostility for music that I can only describe as ‘wafty’.  Doesn’t matter who it is (even Enslaved sail a bit close sometimes), if you’re showing off and widdling so wildly, progging so madly that you forget about the SONGS, you can fuck right off.  That’s not too say I don’t like ‘technical’ music but songs come first.  Plus I like my death metal to be bludgeoning.  I wanna feel beaten up & concussed at the end of the record, not stroke my beard (that I haven’t got) and nod sagely.  I wanna be in a pool of sweat having been sonically violated… which brings me to the new album by Iceland’s Beneath. Continue reading

MONUMENTOMB – “Ritual Exhumation EP”


Another UK death metal release… on top of some absolutely blinding albums from Desecration, Amputated, Basement Torture Killings, Cancerous Womb, Ancient Ascendant and Dripback, Monumentomb have dropped their 1st release, the 6 track ‘Ritual Exhumation’ EP and fuck me is it good! Continue reading

CANCEROUS WOMB – “Born Of A Cancerous Womb”

CW14Edinburgh’s Cancerous Womb have created a bit of a buzz on the underground UK death metal scene over the last few years. They’ve gigged extensively across the UK and Europe and some of my buddies in other death metal bands have raved about them to me but up ‘till now I’ve yet to have the pleasure of hearing them.

When I got the album through I have to admit that due to the band’s name I was expecting some pig squealing bullshit ‘brootal tech death’ bollocks to come blasting out of my speakers… Fuck me, was I in for a surprise! Continue reading

IMPIETY – “Ravage & Conquer”

ImpietyRelentless.  Absolutely relentless.

I’d not heard Impiety prior to this record but this is pure, first class hate on wax.  I was gonna review it weeks ago but hadn’t decided if I really liked it or not, you know, kinda like when you’re walking round 47 shoe shops with the Mrs who eventually goes back to the first to buy them leaving you utterly exhausted & contemplating divorce.  However I realise now that it’s a great album. Continue reading

EXUMER – “Fire And Damnation”

exuIn the mid 80’s, thrash metal was the be all & end all for me. If you were a German thrash band, even better. The Teutonic “thresh meddle” bands were the business, Noise Records had most of the acts signed up and there was a constant output of quality vinyl. You had the “Big 3” of German thrash, Kreator, Sodom (my personal faves) & Destruction plus numerous other bands snapping at their heels, such acts as Tankard, Assassin & Exumer! Continue reading

KREATOR – “Phantom Antichrist”

KreatorIf you read my Exumer review then you’d know that I have an enormous soft spot for German thrash.

Sodom will always be closest to my heart, (mainly due to happy memories of reading the lyrics to songs like “Burst Command Till War” & giggling my tits off as a kid), but few can deny that the most technically proficient and, dare I use the word, ‘progressive’ Teuto-thrash band were the mighty Kreator. Continue reading


6FUI’ve been a big fan of SFU’s output since 95’s “The Haunting” (with the exception of the incredibly naff “Graveyard Classics Vol 2”, I mean, covering the whole of AC/DC’s “Back In Black” album….. what were you thinking Barnes??”) No one does good, basic, no frills, groovy death metal quite like Barnes & the boys. Continue reading