WOLCENSMEN – “Songs From The Fyrgen”

WolcCDEvocative, emotional, atmospheric… beautiful. I have run out of adjectives to try and describe the feelings I have when I listen to this recording.  Written over a 5 year period, Dan Capp, the artist behind Wolcensmen, and guitarist in Winterfylleth, has poured his heart and soul into each and every track. Continue reading

WINTERFYLLETH – “The Dark Hereafter”

CoverFollowing on from 2104’s excellent and career defining release, “The Divination Of Antiquity”, England’s heritage black metal heroes Winterfylleth are back.  With their label sold and becoming part of the Spinefarm family these songs have been in the can for a while, so its good to see them finally see the light of day.

The title track kicks things off with familiar blast beats and whirling guitars and those who bathed in TDOA will know the track “Pariahs Path”. “Ensigns Of Victory” is my favourite track from the opening three, which have a different feel to the last two tracks with the familiar folk tinged black metal assault.  Continue reading

WINTERFYLLETH – “The Divination Of Antiquity”

WF14So here we are; 4 Winterfylleth albums in… yet it only seems like yesterday that these boys were playing in front of a few staunch separatists like myself in sweaty underground clubs. The band as a group, since all but the very earliest live outings, has been consistent and since the second album, “The Mercian Sphere”, the same lads have written and recorded the music.  The thing is, the band themselves have been on a bit of a journey in the last 12 months, and I believe that this has resulted in the album of their careers thus far. A tour with Enslaved, festival appearances around Europe and then time to reflect and write have resulted in something very special indeed. Continue reading

VARIOUS ARTISTS – “One And All, Together, For Home”

Various Artists - "One And All, Together, For Home"

Various Artists – “One And All, Together, For Home”

Beautifully packaged on both CD and Vinyl versions, a collection of bands delve into their nation’s musical cultural heritage and produce music generally not associated with their ‘regular’ output.  The idea was born from Roman Saenko (Hate Forest, Drudkh, Old Silver Key, Rattenfanger and others!) and Drudkh feature with 2 tracks based on Ukrainian folk songs. Continue reading

SHORES OF NULL – “Quiescence”

SHORES OF NULL - "Quiescence"

SHORES OF NULL – “Quiescence”

If you like your death doom, with a vocalist who has range, this album has to be on your to buy list. Cover art featuring a dead tree is often a clue to what’s in store on the disc, and a melancholic myriad of misery and despair ensues. However, the band whom hail from Rome, deliver an album which is heavy yes, but which has very catchy melodies and a vibe not too dissimilar to Ghost Brigade, Katatonia and err, Alice in Chains! Yep, that’s what I am hearing and that’s what I am loving folks. Continue reading

ALCEST – “Shelter”

AlcestShelterThe much anticipated new Alcest release nestled in my post box and I knew immediately that the day was indeed a good day. Neige and Winterhalter have returned with another beautifully written album with a slight move back to the feel and sounds of the wonderful debut full length ‘Souvenirs d’Un Autre Monde’.  The few harsh vocals evident on the previous release ‘Les Voyages De L’Ame’ have given way to a completely clean delivery and with a voice like Neige’s, why on earth not? Continue reading

FYRDSMAN – “Omen In The Sky”

FyrdsOmenIn 2010 a very special EP was released by a gentle man called Tim Shaw under the moniker Fyrdsman (the name given to the local men who fought alongside the trained warriors in Anglo Saxon England during the ‘dark’ ages). So good was this release (available again here) the pressure to hear more from this melodic black metal musician was tangible. Whilst most of the songs were pretty much written,  a combination of funds or lack of and a re-location has made those smitten by the EP endure a long wait for the album to see the light of day. Continue reading

IN SOLITUDE – “Sister”

InSolMuch has been made, apparently, in the Metal media regarding the possibility that members of In Solitude are involved in the Ghost project.  This by passed me at the time but on the first listen to “Sister” I did immediately think it sounded a little like them and The Devils Blood from Holland. Whatever the truth of it, I couldn’t give a toss frankly, but this is most certainly a step over to the Occult Rock / Metal world for these ambitious young Swedes. Continue reading

TWILIGHT OF THE GODS – “Fire On The Mountain”

TotG“This is our heathen metal call to arms, raise your voices and write your destiny in blood!” – If that line from the first track on Twilight Of The Gods‘ album ‘Destiny Forged in Blood’ doesn’t make you want to buy or pay for a download of this album then I give up! Continue reading