LIBERTEER – “Better To Die On Your Feet Than To Live On Your Knees”

LiberteerGrind with banjos. I’ll let that sink in for a minute; actual grind… with actual banjos. OK? You ready now? I’ve had the honour of reviewing this before elsewhere, but due to the format it was about as long as this opening paragraph, and I never had chance to say about it what I wanted to! Continue reading

WINTERFYLLETH – “The Threnody Of Triumph”

WF TTOTFriends, Romans and Englishmen, here we have the third album by the mighty Winterfylleth, a band unashamedly close to my heart. OK confession time as for myself, ‘The Mercian Sphere’ resonated deeply within me, and not wanting to sound like a sycophantic prick, was and STILL is a spiritual experience with each listen. Some music can at times have me in tears, and that release did, and for all the right reasons! Continue reading

HEADCHARGER – “Slow Motion Disease”

HeadchargerSomeone must have spiked the water across The Channel as they French have seemingly decided they want a larger piece of the metal action than just the song ‘Anti-Social’, following the likes of Gojira and Alcest we have Normandy rockers Headcharger. Continue reading

IMPIETY – “Ravage & Conquer”

ImpietyRelentless.  Absolutely relentless.

I’d not heard Impiety prior to this record but this is pure, first class hate on wax.  I was gonna review it weeks ago but hadn’t decided if I really liked it or not, you know, kinda like when you’re walking round 47 shoe shops with the Mrs who eventually goes back to the first to buy them leaving you utterly exhausted & contemplating divorce.  However I realise now that it’s a great album. Continue reading

VARIOUS ARTISTS – “Voices From Valhalla” (A Tribute To Bathory)

VoVThere are some interesting compilations which have emerged from the underground in 2012, Enslaved, Emperor and this Bathory tribute from the great people at Godreah Records. Covering both Black and Viking metal eras from Bathory, contemporary artists have produced a fitting tribute to the great Quorthon and his band who inspired so much of what I think is good in today’s underground metal offering. Continue reading