BLACK TALON – “Endless Realities”

coverIt may only be May, but 2015 has already been awash with fresh thrash offerings, some absolute belters, some a bit flaccid, to be generous. Black Talon now step into the spotlight with their debut long-player, Endless Realities, and something magical is happening. This is genuine street thrash, brought up, full time, in the shadows at the edge of the genre’s history, and splattered with the arterial spray of death metal. If the latter is the input of guitarist Mike Robertson, also of Edinburghian brutes, Cancerous Womb, then it’s well-smoothed around the edges. Continue reading

EXUMER – “Fire And Damnation”

exuIn the mid 80’s, thrash metal was the be all & end all for me. If you were a German thrash band, even better. The Teutonic “thresh meddle” bands were the business, Noise Records had most of the acts signed up and there was a constant output of quality vinyl. You had the “Big 3” of German thrash, Kreator, Sodom (my personal faves) & Destruction plus numerous other bands snapping at their heels, such acts as Tankard, Assassin & Exumer! Continue reading